Joyce Kelley - ERA Key Realty Services - Westborough


Too many home owners undersell their property because they haven't made it market ready. Your improvements, from decorative touches to major renovations, will ultimately turn the buyer to your home, speed up the sale and command the best price. When asked what buyers liked first about a home, the responses are very similar. Location is important but unchangeable. Things you can improve are brightness, spaciousness, privacy, and a feeling of being maintenance free. Here are some suggestions on how to obtain these qualities:

  • Have your home prepared for showing to prospective buyers before the listing becomes official.
  • An inviting exterior insures inspection of the interior. Fresh paint or sometimes just a washing on the outside, trimmed lawns, cultivated flower beds, no refuse, clear walks and steps.
  • Getting rid of faded walls and worn woodwork will pay good dividends. Dark paneling, paint and wallpaper all absorb light, so keep the decor light. Window treatments should let in light.
  • Give your home a thorough cleaning to make it sparkle - people will see themselves relaxed in this home.
  • Leaky faucets, loose knobs, sticking doors and windows and other minor flaws should be fixed. The new owners don't want to think about maintenance.
  • Avoid cluttered rooms, passageways and stairs for safety as well as appearance.
  • Neat, well ordered closets, basements and attics encourage buyers.
  • Bright clean attractive kitchens and baths appeal. A home marketing specialist has determined that you can recover 80-100% of your kitchen/bath remodeling costs in the sale value of your home.
  • Lighting should be bright and cheerful.
  • During the showing, it makes the buyer more comfortable if you are not around. They tend to
  • actually stay longer. If you are around, don't offer any information unless your broker asks you to. Never apologize for appearances.

Coffee brewing, a fire in the fireplace, lights turned on are positive stimuli for buyers. Last night's supper smell may not be an attraction. If major decorating is not an option for you, use decorative, light accessories to brighten your home, mauve and light gray are nice neutrals. Mirrors can brighten a room and make it look larger. Most buyers can't see through out-of-date decor or messy rooms.